Through the Rhön with Wilbers


da wir nach unserer Rückkehr aus Rom am vergangenen Sonntag beide “heiß” auf eine schöne Motorradrunde durch die Rhön waren, konnten wir bei strahlendem Sonnenschein zum ersten mal gemeinsam das neue Fahrwerk auf rund 200km testen. Nachfolgend die versprochene Rückmeldung:
The total package is worth every penny!

Great comfort, yet full road holding and significantly more ground clearance when driving; there is also an increase in handling.

As you have pointed out, the comfort gain is even greater when operating with a pillion passenger than when using the bike alone - but there is also a class-leading level of comfort when operating alone.

After intensive curve swinging (speedy and with great lean angles) my wife got off the Harley for the first time with a smile - thank you!

I propose that Wilbers becomes the original equipment manufacturer for all Harley touring models!

Bei Gelegenheit werde ich einmal einen Leserbrief mit meinen Erfahrungen an die Zeitschrift “Motorrad” schicken. Schließlich bin ja auch ich über deren damaligen Testbericht auf euer System aufmerksam geworden!

And great work should also be talked about!

Kind regards from the Rhön,


You have given me quality in life

Hello together,,

My Ultra Glide Standard 2020 was a swinging box right from the start, and when driven fast, "wobbly" without ending.

Something had to be changed! My "old" Street Glide from 2007 had the better suspension (Air-Ride, original Harley).

But it was out of the question for me, because with these Thai roads I would have been pumping all the time.

After my research I came across the Wilbers suspension. Two or three times I called, after which even your

The staff member on the phone said that the Wilbers Nivomat system is actually the "jack of all trades device".

Well, the decision was made quickly and shortly afterwards the whole chassis arrived in Thailand.

Just before the motorbike season starts in November.

It was installed very quickly and the instructions were perfect.

After the first test ride of 20km, I could hardly believe that a Harley could ride so smoothly over the bumps of Thailand's streets and glide along the roads.  So the next day we went straight over hill and dale, motorway and country road - 560km on a grand tour.

I can still hardly believe that I have a completely different bike. The way back was then a real pleasure, as the confidence was now really there in the new chassis.

Top speed of 180 -200 km/h (driving a 124CUI from Zippers and Thundermax) was a real pleasure, without movement a straight run like on rails, but also in the curves down until the running boards scratched was now possible without nasty surprises.

I would like to thank you very much for the fine chassis that you have developed, you have given me quality of life.

Hans-Jörg from Thailand

Finally a pleasure to ride my Harley

Good afternoon,

I wanted to thank you for the problem-free delivery.

I installed the Nivomat chassis before Easter and was able to test it over the Easter holidays.

The chassis is totally convincing, it is now finally a pleasure to ride my Harley.

Your developers have done a great job.

I will recommend the Nivomat to others!

Kind regards,

Daniel from Cologne