The principle

  1. The LDC Nivomat system is preset so that it immediately sags to the intended (defined) level position, namely approx. 1/3 of the total spring travel, for solo operation. In this state, the system offers a reduced spring rate and damping for solo operation compared to a conventional shock absorber and thus ensures maximum comfort without oscillating.

  2. A load of pillion passengers and/or luggage causes the vehicle to sink deeply and changes the vehicle geometry in a negative way
    In this case, preloading of the spring would be necessary with a "normal" shock absorber, but this only adjusts the level position. The actually necessary adjustment of the spring rate does not take place.

  3. After driving about 300 meters under load, the LDC shock absorber brought the vehicle back to the defined level.
    The inner pump rod pumped oil from the low pressure chamber to the high pressure chamber. Due to the increased
    pressure the vehicle raises to the defined level position and at the same time adjusts the spring rate and damping to the load. The level position, vehicle geometry, spring rate and damping are optimized throughout the entire journey
    and thus ensure maximum comfort and driving safety.